ISTOP benefit EP

by Whelmed

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Here are our first few songs. We will be releasing a 7" EP in November on Salinas Records, which will include Song For Ian Stark and three other songs.
These songs are downloadable for free, but if you choose to donate, all the money will go directly to ISTOP, a grassroots, all volunteer-run organization that provides emergency supplies, services, and resources in the Bloomington area.
Recorded by Patrick Jennings in Bloomington 2016.
Artwork by Emily Timm.


released July 21, 2016

Nick Romy - Guitar / Vocals
BZ Gibbs - Bass
Ginger Alford - Drums / Vocals



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Whelmed Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Song For Ian Stark
His options running out, he ran away from home.
Lost but but forgotten with nothing left to own.
Dropped across county lines. Bruised and battered down.
Addiction taking hold.

The cold cut to the bone. And then it cut him down.
Huddled in a stairwell with no one else around.
The whisky didn't warm but I hope it eased the pain.
Did it even make a sound?

How many will die hungry, broke, and beset?
How many will follow pushed aside without regret?
How often do I wake safe, warm, and loved?
Sometimes I forget.

We take for granted every day, this bluff on which we tread.
The fall from grace is short. The vultures all well fed.
Disheartened though we are, we take power from this pain.
For we did not know the person but now we know his name.

Now we know his name.
Track Name: Double
I want nothing more
Than to be farther from you
Distance is key
To watch you sink away
Spitting out what still remains
What's left of me

I'm seeing double of me
I'm seeing double it seems
But I don't know what it means

I get sick to think
of what you wasted in me
Salt on the wound
Spitting blood and shame
Total regret, unrestrained
Sleep all afternoon

I'm seeing double of me
I'm seeing double it seems
And that's the trouble with me
Track Name: Survival Strategies
Are we bound to live our lives on borrowed time?
In borrowed days
In troubled minds
Are these floors beneath us bound to break?
Are we bound to falter?
Are they bound to take?

Rapacity for profit in those hungry eyes
Is it everything?
Is it everything?
Turn my days into dollar signs
It is everything
It is everything

Drink Deep
Breathe Deeper
Find shelter

Dark thoughts and darker days
Close my eyes
Hide my face
Drug us up and put us out of sight
Cold and wet
Hot and bright

We're all one step away from falling
Feel that weight before you fucking throw it
Injure me